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Please complete a short response to each comment
1. Angelica shared good points from her research on the management of deep vein thrombosis. Class, initiating findings from
nursing research in itself requires support from the entire health care team no matter what the outcome may be. Sometimes
getting others on board can be quite challenging. Now that you presented the problem, how would you get other nurses and
staff on board to participate in implementing the findings?
2. Melinda also shared good findings from her evidencebased
research on fall prevention in hospitalized patients. Class,
presenting any type of findings to help improve nursing practice will usually mean change. Although this can mean change for
the better of the work environment, individual, and overall patient care; it can also present challenges. As a nurse presenting
any pertinent findings from nursing research to your practice, what type of challenges may you encounter? Class please feel
free to jump on board. ?
3. Katelyn shared good points from her research findings on the implementation of a Comprehensive UnitBased
Program on urinary catheter use. Class, I always find it fascinating to read current nursing research! As each study’s finding can
be truly informative and of course a learning experience that will benefit the patient. For example, there may be a better blood
glucose meter to help decrease common errors that may occur in insulin checks. This type of research may grab the attention of
a staff nurse working in the medicalsurgical
area who may have been experiencing issues with his or her diabetic patients. In
your area of nursing practice, how would you use current nursing findings to educate your staff?
4. What did you think about this particular study? How do you see the nursing process being integrated into this form of


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