Review the key concepts in Part I (Chapters 1-3) in your text and review the predictive analytics and machine learning concepts (Chapters 4-7) in your text.  Select major topic (Data mining process, methods, and algorithms (from Chapter 4); Machine- learning Techniques for Predictive Analytics (from Chapter 5); Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing (from 6); and Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and Social Analytics to discuss for the residency requirement.

Please ensure to review the basics from chapters 1-3 and relate these basic concepts to the predictive analytics components from part two (Chapters 4-7) in your text by:

-Selecting a project in a company (this can be a made-up project but must be realistic).  Note the current industry, name of the organization, and note how it’s currently functioning today.

– Then select a key area of predictive analytics (from chapters 4-7) to implement in the organization.  You must indicate:

– Why the predictive analytic component is going to be implemented by noting the problem that you are trying to solve, noting how your team will solve the problem with the selected method (this must be a thorough in-depth analysis), and also present your findings using a power point presentation.