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DUE OCTOBER 24, 2018 AT 11:59 PM

the following question as completely as possible. Be sure you have
answered all parts of the essay and have thoroughly explained your
answers by telling howand
why . Be sure you include all relevant dates and names. Use specific
examples from your textbook and the class presentations to support your
answers. Your essay should be double-spaced, must be uploaded as a
.doc or .docx file type (i.e. a Microsoft Word document), and will be
evaluated using Turn It In for any instances of plagiarism. Also, be
sure you proof-read your essay for clarity, typos, and grammar errors.

Essay Question:

Trace the origins and development of Islam from the 7 th
century onward. Who was the founder of the religion and when was it
founded? What were the basic beliefs of Muslims? What practices were
required of Muslims? How did Muslims spread Islam? Who were the
different groups within Islam and how did they differ from each other?
How did governments support and promote different sects of Islam? How
did the beliefs of these sects support rulers or cause other Muslims to
rebel? How were non-Muslims treated by Islamic governments and rulers?
Describe the organization and features of at least two Islamic
governments that were discussed in .

Be sure you are only discussing the history of this religion during the period of time covered by the material in ,
and not beyond this time. Also, be sure you are using factual
historical information from your textbook and class presentations to
discuss Islam, and not incorporating information from other sources,
such as religious books, websites, current events, and from your
personal experience, as these are not history and outside of the time
period asked in this question. TEXTBOOK: Traditions Encounters A Global Perspective on the Past FILES ATTACH BELOW IS PRESENTATIONS FROM UNIT 2!


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