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Prompt: Philosophical Letter to Yourself on Education

THINK: Use this question outline for thinking through your ideas “On Education” –

Ø  What is education for? (Good job or Good Life?)

Ø  What is “enlightenment”?

Ø  Why read and write?

Ø  What is “thinking for yourself”?

Ø  Incorporate symbols from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” to characterize your idea(s) on education: Who is in the cave? What’s the pathway out? What does the sun symbolize?

REVIEW: Take time to review your notes & quotes on all of the course materials below. While you review, think about how you want to organize and synthesize a few important ideas to remember them for incorporation into your ongoing educational journey.

WRITE A LETTER: Your audience for this writing is yourself. Write a letter to yourself “On Education,” which contains some insight, truth, or wisdom you want to remember and embody. 

This essay covers these readings, assignments, and class discussions:

Why Education? [Essay Topic # 1]

Read: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave( The Republic,VII Allegory read with animation(8 min)

Watch: Allegory of the Cave(6 min)

What is Enlightenment?

Read: Kant’s “ What is Enlightenment?”or listen(17 min.)

Watch: Kant(8 min)

Recommended for “A” students: Lecture on Foucault’s “What is Enlightenment?”(20 min); 21 stCentury Enlightenment(11 min)

Ways of Reading & Why Read?

Read: Toni Morrison, The Dancing Mind(1996)

“Introduction: Ways of Reading” (doc sharing)

Watch: What is Literature For?(5 min)

Ways of Writing & Why Write?

Read: Foucault, Writing the Self

Watch: Dead Poet’s Society

Watch: Epicureans, Stoics, and Foucault

Philosophical Letter to Yourself on Education

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