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Public Health

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Report on a public health campaign. is Breast Cancer ( Breast Screening )
assignment should be contain:
Executive summary
Risk factors
Campaign Approach
Analysis of Campaign
Future action
References ( Should be from 2010 onward )
Also when give citation needs to give PAGE NUMBER as well.
Assignment needs to be addressed to all the following questions:

•How common is the health issue in Australia?
•What is its distribution of the problem in the population? Are particular population groups more at risk? If so, which groups?
•What are the risk factors? How can the problem be prevented?
•How does the campaign address the problem? What social, economic, political and ideological theories does (or did) the campaign employ?
•Is the campaign working, or did it work? Critique the campaign using evidence and relevant social, economic, political and ideological theories.
•What more needs to be done to reduce the problem, and why?

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