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.Are the procedures used parametric or nonparametric? Why?2. Were hypothesis testing errors present? What are the consequences for the studies if a Type I or a Type II error was made?

On the 1st two slides you will deal with atrial fibrillation.You need to put in the findings again for this topic. I just need a plain slide with no colors on it and text should be on bullet form.
Underneath each slide should be a 100 words speaker notes. And I need to have a peer-review citation like a reference.

Other paper is about alzheimers. You need a 2 slide for this topic.You need to put in the findings again for this topic and I need it to be in bullet form. I just need a plain slide with no colors on it.
Underneath each slide should be a 100 words speaker notes. And I need to have a peer-review citation like a reference.

Each article(2) analysis is required to have 2 power point slides each total 4, with Each slide will need a 100 word speaker note with citations.
Th ere is considerable variability in progression rates
among Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients. Patients and
families frequently ask clinicians to prognosticate regarding
expected rates of cognitive and functional decline,
and clinicians have little basis for making such
predictions. We have shown that it is possible to reliably
estimate early AD symptom onset, and together with
baseline MMSE score, to calculate a rate of progression at
the initial assessment (the pre-progression rate) [1, 2].
Th e use of a rate to estimate early progression gives
information on severity, but also on how long it took for
the patient to reach the current severity level, which
refl ects that individual’s disease characteristics better than
a severity score alone. However, it is not clear whether
patients maintain a similar rate of decline throughout the
course of their disease or change trajectories over time,
due to endogenous or exogenous factors (such as
treatment). Demonstrating the predictive value of the
calculated pre-progression rate would be valuable for
patient and family counseling, as well as for providing a
research marker of phenotypic variability to validate
biological markers of progression. Further, the ability to
model group progression of AD patients is essential for
designing disease-modifi cation studies of new AD
treatments, and pre-progression might be an important
baseline variable to take into account in the analysis of
clinical trial data [3].

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