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Describe five (5) nursing considerations relating to the care of the patient who is being administered an anticoagulant such as warfarin.

Case Study Neurovascular assessment

pedal and post tibial pulses auscultated with Doppler.Left leg
– pedal pulse- weak and thready, femoral pulses 1+, brachial and radial 2+ .
Right foot – pale, cool – warm, no gangrene in toes but pale. Pedal pulse 1+, femoral
pulses 1+, brachial and radial 2+.
Her pathology results are all within normal limits except the following:
Urea 9.4mmol/L (acceptable values 2-8.5 mmol/L)
Creatinine: 0.25mmol/L (acceptable values 0.06-0.11mmol/L)
INR: 2.8 yesterday (Range set for this patient 2.0-3.0)
BSLs have been variable between 3 and 10 mmol/L. since admission.
K+: 4.8mmol/L on admission (acceptable values 3.5 – 5.0 mmol/L)
Q1. Assess Mrs Porter’s medication chart. Identify and discuss three (3)significant
risks that may occur for Mrs Porter from her home and/or inpatient use of these medicines.
(Expect approximately 400 words) 21 marks

Q2. Describe the strategies a nurse may take to prevent/manage the
specific risks you have identified in Question 1. Your answer should focus on Mrs Porter’s needs rather than a discussion on the actual medicines in general terms. (Expect approximately 600 words).
30 marks

Q3. Mrs Porter is having paracetamol
and a Fentanyl patch as part of her treatment plan.
Explain the benefits of regular dosing rather than administration when the pain is noticeable
using these medications as examples.
Your answer should include relevant
pharmacokinetic concepts. (Expect approximately 300 words) 10 marks

Q4. Describe five (5) nursing considerations relating to the care of the patient who is being
administered an anticoagulant such as warfarin. Your answer needs to include at least
consideration in each of the following headings.
Patient education
General nursing Care
Patient assessment
(Expect approximately 200 words)

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