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Use ONLY these references:
• OrganisationalBehaviour (8th Revised Edition) Huczynski& Buchanan Pearson
• HR Management at Work (5h Edition) Marchington& Wilkinson CIPD
• The Study Guide (attached)
Please cover the following topics with the following suture (550 word in each question):Use cases from the course or your own experience. Define terms: Different ways of sharing responsibility
• Introduction
• What is the focus of your answer?
• Often some general reflections given on drivers of trends in service delivery.
Although keep introduction short- dont use up too much time here.
• Outline briefly case study organization
Think overall but also delivery of different aspects
• Can be answered in a variety of ways depending on mode(s) of service delivery
• Thinking of broader literature, what are the advantages and disadvantages of varying modes?
• Alternative forms of delivery form natural vehicle for discussion and critique (and recommendations).
• Example issues with delivery mechanisms
Be critical: Does your case support or counter existing literature?
• Wider theoretical perspectives
• How can delivery be improved? (This is part of the question so needs to be considered to answer question fully. Draw recommendations based on diagnosis of problems and literature regarding service delivery (not from thin air)
• Conclusions

Overall approach
Essay style:
1. Short, clear introduction
2. Main body of answer
3. Conclusions
Either use whole examples or ‘punctuate with examples to illustrate key points

1. Organizational Structures:
The answer shod cover the following areas:
• Issues contingences of organization structure
• What type of environmental or strategic contingences
• Sake decisions
• Examine the potential influences of strategic choices and contingency factors on organizational re-structuring decisions. How far are such decisions determined or restrained by these choices and contingencies
• Compare and contrast contingency theory and strategic choice perspectives on what makes for an appropriate and successful organizational structure.
• Examine the argument that, to be successful, businesses need to align their organizational structures with the strategic choices they make
2. Organizational Cultures:
The answer shod cover the following areas:
• The strength of cultures ..( is having a strong culture is a good thing?) ..advantages and disadvantages .. Goal allying people .. How can be positive or negative?
• What factors influence cultures organization
• Integration / differentiation
• Examine the argument that a strong and unitary organizational culture is always feasible, appropriate and desirable.
• Critically examine why it can be so difficult to change organizational culture.
• Examine the arguments for and against attempts by businesses to develop strong, unitary organizational cultures.
3. Change Management:
The answer shod cover the following areas:
• Different modules (hard & soft approaches) when to use
• Issues of leadership of organization
• Contingences of change management
• Resistance to change
• Explain and evaluate the strategies available to management when introducing change.
• Examine the suitability of alternative change management strategies
• Examine the influence that social and cultural factors can have upon any attempt at planned organizational change. Using change management models and examples to illustrate, examine how these factors can be harnessed in support of the change management effort.
4. Models of HRM (e.g. Best practices, best fit and the Resource Based View):
The answer shod cover the following areas:
• Best practice approach
• Best fit approach
• Strategies
• Environmental contingences
• Competitive advantage.
• How do you target the HR result in order to get all type of the targeted advantages?
• Outline what is meant by the best practice/high commitment HRM paradigm, and critically review its strengths and weaknesses as a framework for guiding HRM delivery and performance.
• Explain how factors external to the organization (e.g. labour market, product market, and national context) shape ‘best fit HRM policy and practice at work.

5. Employee Involvement And Participation“EIP”
The answer shod cover the following areas:
• How EIP impact organization outcome ..demonstrate the impact .. employee commitment.
• Informal (management style) Vs. formal (arranging meeting) EIP
• Type of risk involves.
• To what extent, if any, can employee involvement and participation positively impact on organizational outcomes? Draw upon a wide range of potential practices.
• Drawing upon the concepts discussed in the module, review how employee involvement and participation (EIP) operates at your own organization.
• Evaluate how effective it is in practice, and suggest ways in which EIP could be improved.
• What criteria should be used to evaluate the effectiveness of Employment Involvement and Participation (EIP) practices in the workplace? Is this criteria likely to be the same or differ across organizational contexts or from the perspectives of various stakeholders.
• Outline the varying strategies that can be used to increase employee involvement and participation (EIP). Can such practices improve employee performance in the workplace?

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