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Mrs. Dravis- English III/DC/AP

Career Research Paper
Write a 3-4 page paper (with works cited 4-5pgs) on a career of your choice. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore career options for the future. You will include information on the following:
€¢ History of the career
€¢ Education and training needed
€¢ Salary range
€¢ Experience desired for entry level positions
€¢ Tasks and responsibilities for the job
€¢ Opportunities for advancement
€¢ Why you would make a good candidate for this career/what specifically draws you to this particular career choice (this information will be in your intro and conclusion)
€¢ As a result of this research assignment do you still want to pursue this career choice? Explain. (include in conclusion)
Format: MLA
€¢ Times New Roman 12 point font
€¢ 1 margins all around
€¢ Correct heading (the one we use in class)
€¢ Correct header (NOT ON THE FIRST PAGE) (1/2 inch from top of page)
€¢ Double spaced (Please set paragraph spacing to 0 to avoid extra space)
€¢ Correct Works Cited page
€¢ Paper not to exceed 4 pages (with works cited, not to exceed 5 pages)
For this paper the following applies:
€¢ You may not use contractions
€¢ Personal pronouns may be used sparingly ( you may not use you)
€¢ Include transitions into new paragraphs
€¢ You must use a minimum of 5 sources (At least one print source is strongly encouraged)
Some information adapted from https://allaplusessays.com/order
The following is a proposed outline. While you do NOT need to include all this information, you must include the information previously listed.

I. Name of Career Field and reasons for studying this particular career.

II. History of the career

III. People in this career
a. Approximately how many people are now employed in this career field?
b. Briefly discuss current employment trends relating to this career.
c. Where are jobs related to this career most often found? Why?

IV. Duties of this career
a. General Duties
b. Specific Duties
c. Hours of work ordinarily required
d. Is there anything unusual about the number of hours or nature of the work schedule which might relate to this job field? (Seasonal fluctuations, days, nights, split shifts etc€¦)

V. Qualifications of workers in this field.
a. Age
b. Health and physical
c. Personality
d. Experience
e. Aptitude
f. Education (general level and type required)
g. Other
h. What are the most common methods of entry into this career?
Which one would you choose? Why

VI Education Planning
a. Develop your own education plan, including preparation for this career, including courses you’ve taken or will take in high school to prepare.
b. If you decide to attend a post-secondary school, what entrance requirements might you expect? What is the length of training? Cost of training?
c. Briefly describe any armed forces training opportunities that relate to his career.
d. What are the scholarships, loans or grants that you could apply for to help with the cost of this training?
e. Other training-apprenticeship, company or on-the-job training?


VII Earnings
a. How much can you expect to make from this career?
1. Beginning salary?
2. Average Salary?
3. Exceptional Salary?
b. What expenses might you have to meet in following this career?

VIII Nature of the Job
a. List some benefits, other than salary, that you would expect to gain from this
b. What hazards can you anticipate in this job field?

IX Career Advancement
a. What are the chances for advancement in this field?
b. Would advancement require aIDitional training?
c. Would advancement require aIDitional duties? Explain.
d. Is there a need for continuing education to hold this position? Explain

X Interview (You will receive 5 bonus points if you schedule and conduct an
interview with someone in your field of study and use the
information in your paper)
a. Arrange an interview with someone employed in this career field.
b. Ask this person the same questions you have been exploring for this project and any aIDitional ones you may have.

XI Reflection (To be included in your conclusion)
a. After studying this career in depth, state why you would or would not be
interested in making this your own career objective.


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