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1. In formulating crime policies, the American democracy

struggles to strike the appropriate balance between

a. incarceration and fines  

b. prosecutors and police

c. public order and individual freedom

d. due process and individual rights

2. The due process model relies on

a. administrative processing

b. extensive filtering

c. plea bargaining

d. adversarial process

3.The deterring effect of punishing criminal offenders is considered an important factor in

a. the filtering characteristic of the system

b. the Due Process Model

c preventing crime

d. the dual court system

4.Federal law enforcement agencies have focused attention on organized crime because of

a. corruption in state and local police departments

b. immigration issues

c. superior training for undercover investigations

d. the interstate and national nature of such criminal activity

5. Criminal appeals are based on claims that

a. the appeals court should find the defendant innocent

 b. rules of procedure were not properly followed

c. the prosecutor applied discretion

d. the defendant wanted to plead guilty

6. An American would be most accurate if he or she described the processes of the American criminal justice system as

a. primarily guided by adversarial process

b. primarily guided by constitutional rights

c. primarily guided by discretion and filtering

 d. none of the above

7. Administrative regulations frequently concern such things as

a. murder

b. shoplifting

c. industrial pollution

d. embezzlement

8. Criminal defendants have additional rights if they are charged with

 a. felonies

b. petty offenses

c. violations of the Constitution

d. misdemeanors

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