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Why is a nursing taxonomy important? Do an Internet search to support your discussion along with your experience in the industry.

B. What is the advantage of having a unified language for nursing within the larger concept of a unified language system for the healthcare community?

C. What further research and developments are needed to move the nursing profession toward a unified language system?
D. Some physicians believe there should not be a nursing language and a physician language – only one language. What do you think?

2. Application Software Vendors

A. Conduct an Internet search and find software vendors who offer products in one or more of the categories listed below. Select two vendors from each of three categories and compare their features (e.g., compare two lab vendors, two CPOE vendors, and two e-prescription vendors). What similar functions do they offer? Where do they differ in their offerings? If available for each vendor, provide the name and address of each vendor, the number of years in business, their annual revenue and number of employees, and a profile of other products offered.

Your response should be a table format for easy comparison of vendors and features.
• Laboratory information systems
• Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems
• Pharmacy systems
• Radiology information systems
• Emergency department information systems
• Bedside computing
• E-prescription
• Home healthcare information systems
• Healthcare information systems (HIS) (defined as a vendor who believes they offer a complete solution for an organization’s information systems’ needs)

B. Let’s assume you have 2 healthcare information systems (HIS) vendors to whom you want to send a request for proposal (RFP). Why would you require each vendor to submit their proposals using the same submission format supplied by you?
C. Discuss your learning experience from the above vendor research.

3. Hospital ABC has identified an exceptionally high number of laboratory orders. This came about as they began to look at quality of care and the cost of diagnosing patients. They have asked you to design a report so the Chief of each service can review their respective physicians and determine if their laboratory ordering practices are appropriate. You are charged with advising the Chiefs as to what type of report(s) they will need and the format and data to be used on each report. Your response should be 2- double-spaced pages.

A. Discuss your advice to each Chief.
B. Draft a sample report. (HINT: Chiefs DO NOT usually have time to look at patient-specific reports.)

4. Insights to Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS) – Choose One Option for the below questions:

A. (Preferred) A Person to Person Interview with a pharmacist
B. Email the questions to a pharmacist, followed by a telephone interview. Note, the questions are simply to prepare the interviewee for your questions, and are NOT to be completed by the interviewee.
C. Provide Internet browser searches to support your responses to the questions. Be sure you have a supporting web reference embedded within each question and these references are current (published or updated within last three (3) years.)

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