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1. Respond to the following statement/question below. 

  • The response should be 2 to 3 “well developed” paragraphs (5 or more complete sentences per paragraph—-I prefer more) 
  • The response should include at least one internet web site source (do not use your required book)


    • The “Response” should be 2 to 3 well developed paragraphs in length. (I prefer more)
    • Do not cut and paste directly from websites. Summarize in your own words.
    • Perform a spell/grammar check before submission.
    • Include references (Do not use the required text or sites provided in the course).
    • Hyperlinks can not be used as references.
    •  References must be the complete websites or the complete reference (APA or MLA format).
    • *****1 paragraph = approximately 5 or more complete sentences—-NOT FRAGMENTS. (remember, sentences MUST begin with a capital alphabet and end with a period)

2.  make the responses after finish these questions!!!

PS:make the answer specific and longer. Also read my instructions very clearly especially second on e- make the responses after finish these questions!!!


Impact of Human Activity:  

  1. Describe  2 to 3 human activities that can negatively affect the  hydrologic cycle .
  2. Describe the  negative consequences of each of the activities that you listed (be very specific).


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